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My Ocean at Americans for the Arts and fiddle-busking at Northern Spark

Its going to be a busy weekend!

Friday, June 14, 7pm

For the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention and Northern Spark 2019,

The Traveling Museum presents CHATTER.

The Commons, Minneapolis

425 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415

The Traveling Museum will be screening My Ocean as part of their exhibit, "Chatter" which features works from artists living in greater Minnesota. This will be on display at the Americans for the Arts 2019 Annual Convention/ Northern Spark. Come check out the video projection along with several other visual artists, situated just outside US Bank Stadium. Look for this little silver gallery on wheels!


Saturday, June 15, 9pm-2am - Northern Spark: Reusable Graffiti, American Indian Center.

As part of Northern Spark 2019, I'll be fiddle-busking in support of Reusable Graffiti, a project by Al Gross and Strong Buffalo at the Minneapolis American Indian Center. Reusable Graffiti is a soundscape of music, spoken word, humor and storytelling from a band of Native artists and friends, the ultimate example of resilience, renewal and regeneration. More details to come!

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